Bushes: ‘We Ain’t No Dynasty!’

Barbara Bush sits down with C-SPAN and continues her “I don’t want dynasties but Jeb’s the best” spiel she first trotted last April.

So Jeb is what America needs but we don’t need dynasties, is what she’s saying.

This plays perfectly into Jeb’s ‘Prodigal Bush’ narrative, wherein he proclaims himself Former Florida Governor Bush, who is unfortunately saddled with the accusations of dynasty and the legacy of his brother.  Should Jeb run it is not because he is the GOP Establishment’s darling and consensus candidate (he is); it is not because he has massive national name recognition and a dominant place in the Republican Party (he does); it is not because he was born with a family name that, coupled with a middling gubernatorial tenure that ended 10 years ago, makes him a Presidential contender (he was).  No, it’s because he is, in fact, truly qualified — no, the most qualified — person capable of assuming the duties of the presidency.  He just happens to be a Bush.

But Barbara, one of the shrewdest political forces in modern politics, is doing much more than just subtly promoting her son.  She’s creating a contrast to Hillary early and smartly — pinning the label of legacy on Hillary while also proclaiming the Bush family anti-dynasty, and thus promoting the idea that Jeb, compared to Hillary, is the lesser of two dynastic evils.  She mentions the “2 or 3” families that are creating legacies.  What’s the other one? The Kennedys?  Which one of them is close to the White House?  The Pauls?  Rand is an outsider and, besides, his father never came close.  The Carters?  Jason has to beat Nathan Deal first (a tall order) and Jimmy is pretty much disliked by everyone in Washington.  Maybe the Doles?

Barbara is doing what her husband and her eldest son cannot: Speaking out against legacy so that Jeb can be asked by a reporter in a year or so, “Well, your mother says no legacies allowed but that you’re still the best candidate.”  Barbara is neutralizing the issue, while making Jeb the more acceptable of the two legacies.  Sure Hillary Clinton came from nothing alongside her husband and, with him, built an incredibly successful life.  But that’s being defined as a legacy equal to Jeb being born to a President and the grandson of a Senator and the brother of a President.  What?

It’s a brilliant move.  At a minimum it renders Hillary and Jeb as equally oligarchical.  At best, it says that Jeb is his own man and that Hillary is just another lucky Bildeberg pick.  At all levels it reinforces that awful idea that “all politicians are the same” that leads to Bush/Gore elections, low turnout, and a general lack of public awareness as to how vastly different Democrats and Republicans are.

No matter, the Bushes are getting ready for this run, and they’ll rebrand Jeb however they possibly can to get him into that White House.

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